Valuplus Benefits offers you a real opportunity to control rising benefit costs. It was created to help you maintain a quality benefits program at a time when benefit reductions appear to be the norm.


Valuplus Benefits delivers large group advantages in 5 key areas:

Administration & Trend

ValuPlus Benefits’ fees and trend are the “best in the industry.”


ValuPlus Benefits’ offers flexible benefits plans typically found in large corporations.

Non-Medical Limits

ValuPlus Benefits offer non-medical insurance limits, that are higher than the industry average.

Catastrophic Claims Protection

ValuPlus Benefitsoffers the lowest Stop-Loss limits available.

Service, Advice & Counsel

ValuPlus Benefitsis backed by the advice and counsel of local employee benefits specialists.

Administration & Trend

Reduce the insurer’s administrative fees and trend assumptions, and start enjoying an immediate and sustainable reduction in benefit costs. Valuplus Benefits’ fees and trend are the “best in the industry”, delivering reduced benefit costs year-after-year. The chart below illustrates the impact of lower administration fees and trend on plan pricing.

Company ABC Manufacturing
Size 20 employees
Healthcare Premiums $22,857
Healthcare Claims $16,000
Dental Premiums $14,286
Dental Claims $10,000
Claims Loss Ratio 70.0% 70.0% 70.0% 70.0%
Target Loss Ratio 74.0% 74.0% 80.0% 80.0%
Trend Assumption 11.5% 7.2% 10.0% 5.0%
Experience Indicated Change 9.7% 1.5% -3.75% -8.2%
Renewal Premium $26,325 $15,066 $21,999 $13,125
Difference in Dental increase: 19.9%
Difference in Dental increase: 12.9%
Annual Savings: $6,267



Favourable trend assumptions and admin fees that are 9% lower than the standard industry model produces renewal rates that are 18.3% lower for Health and 14.7% lower for Dental.


Over a 10 year period, lower administrative fees and trend factors with Valuplus Benefits will reduce your benefit costs $86,536 compared to the current arrangement.


Flexible benefit plans are typically the domain of large corporations. With Valuplus Benefits, you have the flexibility to develop a program to address your unique needs.
It includes options such as:

•   Healthcare Spending Accounts (HCSAs)
•   Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
•   Illness Protection
•   Administrative Services Only (ASO)
•   Travel Accident Coverage
•   Voluntary Life and Accident Insurance
•   Enhanced Disability Protection


For employees with sub-standard health, getting adequate life and disability insurance is a challenge. Valuplus Benefits circumvents this issue by offering non-medical insurance limits that are significantly higher than the industry average. We provide more coverage for your employees with less red tape.


In the small business environment, one high claim can result in a huge renewal increase. For this reason, most insurers have built in catastrophic Stop-Loss Insurance to protect your benefit plan against high, unexpected claims. Over the past 12 months, most of Canada’s largest insurers have increased their catastrophic pooling limits. This reflects the need to pass on potentially high claims, and therefore higher premiums, to the consumers. ValuPlus Benefits offers the lowest Stop-Loss limits available. This can be a huge difference for your company at renewal if an employee or dependent suffers a catastrophic illness.


Valuplus Benefits was created to provide flexible solutions at competitive prices. We’ve leveraged our expertise to create a program that offers you immediate savings, sustainable pricing, and is backed by the advice & counsel of local employee benefit specialists. Valuplus Benefits enables employers to provide the kind of health care employees desire, and on a more cost-effective basis than traditional health plans.

With Valuplus Benefits, you will enjoy world-class brokerage advocacy and resources, coupled with a highly attentive, personalized service. We stand ready to work for you and with you to provide a calibre of service that is second to none.

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